Stepling is a unique band blurring the boundaries between music and dance with an original blend of tunes, step & clog dance, and song inspired by English traditions. Their debut album Leap was released in 2018.

Every so often, a CD pops up which stops you in your tracks. Something so novel and well conceived that all you can do is stop and listen. This is one of those CDs.”
Chris Metherell, English Dance and Song

Stepling’s richly varied performances combine traditional and new material – from high energy competition clog to carefully crafted arrangements, many with foot percussion. They have performed at many UK folk festivals including Sidmouth, Whitby, Shepley, Broadstairs and Priddy.

Stepling features fiddle and vocals from Deb Chalmers (Folk Dance Remixed, Laurel Swift’s ‘Travelling with Thomas’), guitar from Adrian Lever (Alma, James Patrick Gavin), percussion from Jo May (Against the Grain, Token Women) and percussive dance from champion clog dancer Toby Bennett.