Album – LEAP

We’re really excited about our album “Leap”, have a listen and buy it on CD or digital here

Every so often, a CD pops up which stops you in your tracks. Something so novel and well conceived that all you can do is stop and listen. This is one of those CDs.”

Chris Metherell, English Dance and Song

It’s not uncommon for groups to claim that they’re “inspired by English traditions”, but rare to find one that so wholeheartedly explores music, song and dance in one tidy package … making them all the more vital and interesting. … The music here is undeniably English yet inventively cosmopolitan, and Stepling make it with palpable joy. They’re sensational live, so go and see ‘em and pick up a copy of this CD.”

Steve Hunt, fRoots Magazine

In its variety, musicality, originality and sheer joy in the playing and dancing, this is a masterful debut album from a hugely talented group of performers”

Barry Goodman, Shire Folk magazine

There’s energy by the bucket load on Leap, and the opening ‘Mrs. Marhoff’s Single Hornpipe’ rattles along at a pace that the fittest dancer would find hard to sustain. So, there are plenty of tempo changes, such as a Brazilian-flavoured ‘Allen Water’ and the atmospheric ‘Agricultural Jig’ that Deb learned from that fine source, Bagpuss.”

Ian Croft, RnR Magazine