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One of the major highlights of this summer’s Folk Festival season has been the opportunity to MC at both Broadstairs and Whitby Folk Festival for concerts with Stepling on the programme. Musically magical – with stunning accompaniments from Jo May on percussion, fabulous fiddle playing from Deb Chalmers and superb, subtle guitar from Adrian Lever – the highlight for me has to be the step dancing from Toby Bennett.  The whole assembly generates musical energy and a total enjoyment of their co-operative performance.  The skill of the adaptive step dancing to a range of tunes and rhythms from Toby is really the icing on the cake that pulls the whole ensemble together – totally better than the sum of the parts – though the parts are exceptionally good in their own right.  Please try to see them.”

Sue Coe

Caught Stepling for the first time at Whitby. Oh. My. Days. They are amazing … If you can make it, don’t miss it. You won’t regret it”

Sue MacFarlane

Standout gig so far … Imaginative, different, and awesome clogging!”

Facebook fan

It doesn’t come much better than this.” 

Chris Partington

Stepling perform with energy and commitment, and the combination of dance, music, percussion and song just works. If you get a chance, go and see Stepling – brilliant!”

Simon Diegan, MC Sidmouth Folk Week

Stepling … Wonderful musicianship, dynamic step-dancing and great programming make them one of the most engaging units I’ve seen and heard for a very long time.”

Barry Goodman

…it was a rare pleasure to see the clog shod feet of dancer Toby Bennett in full flight. The speed and complexity was breathtaking at times and the accompaniment from Deb Chalmers on fiddle and vocals, Jo May on spoons and other percussion and guitarist Adrian Lever was equally impressive.”

Andy Nelmes, Fatea Magazine

Stepling’s dynamic performance at Sidmouth Festival was a mesmerising tour de force of how music and dance can totally captivate an audience.”

Simon Harmer

My 4 year old grandson now wants to Rocket Dance!! Thanks for inspiring him!”

Facebook fan

STEPLING is the name of the do-not-miss @TobyClog @JoSpoons and @DebFiddle! See them if you can, they are ace!”